Author: Cohen (Daniel)
Year: 1989
Publisher: Dorset Press (New York)
Edition Details: US Reprint (1st pub. Dodd Mead 1988)
Book Condition: F/F
ISBN: 9780880294430
Price: 8.00
Hardback. A selection of crimes, some famous, some obscure, that take place in various periods and places, but that possess one quality in common - none has a solution. From the careful description of the circumstances and the people involved, the reader may speculate on what really happened in a particular case. The 68 cases are arranged in six categories, the first of which is 'Whodunit?' Here are the horrible murders of the New Orleans Axeman and more than half a century later, in 1968, another unidentified mass murderer, known only as Zodiac, claimed his victims in California. Among the 'Historic Mysteries' is the most famous murder crime in the modern era. On August 31, 1888, Jack the Ripper claimed his first victim. Suggested identifications for the Ripper range from a royal duke to a group of fanatic free-masons. In 'Was it a Crime?' the author questions for example, murder by magic spell. Or, as in the case of the Tichborne claimant, what about a long missing heir who suddenly turns up alive? In 'Motive Unknown' no one knows what was behind the hoax of the Piltdown Man or the destruction of the Hindenberg, the great German airship. In 'Whatever Happened To...? 16 disappearances are still unexplained and probably always will be. And in 'Getting Away With It' more than half a dozen people, justly or not, got away scot free. Illus. + Selected Bibliog. 323pp. 8vo. h/back. From the library of true-crime writer, Wilfred Gregg, with his personal b/plate. Jacket design by Charles Ziga. F. in F. dw.


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