BRIDES IN THE BATH The True Story of George Joseph Smith

Author: Anon
Year: 0
Publisher: Mellifont Press
Edition Details: Reprint (1st pub. c. 1930s)
Book Condition: NrVg.
Price: 25.00
Softcover. No. 7 in the Mellifont Tower Series. 'This is the story of George Joseph Smith, the most callous and ghoulish ruffian who was ever hanged for murder. No murderer more thoroughly deserved his date. He had certainly killed in their bath three of his "wives." The number of women he had robbed and deserted is unknown. At the time of his death upon the scaffold, Smith had reached the age of 43. He was a tall, spare man, sometimes with a long sandy moustache, sometimes clean-shaven. His eyes were dark and piercing, and held in their depths that wonderful power of fascination that had made slaves of all the women with whom he came in contact. In the following pages the story is told of how he met the woman for whose murder he was tried, and of how he wove his web around her, drained her of all her money, and then killed her.' Illus. 96pp. paper wraps. From the library of true-crime writer, Wilfred Gregg, with his personal b/plate. Reprint published at 9d - the sl. larger 1st edn. was published at 3d. Browned pp. sl. creasing to fr. cover, small piece missing from corner of back cover. Nr. Vg.


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