JACK THE RIPPER Summing Up and Verdict.

Author: Wilson (Colin) & Odell (Robin)
Year: 1987
Publisher: Bantam Press
Signed by the author
Edition Details: 1st Edn.
Book Condition: F/Vg+
ISBN: 9780593010204
Price: 18.00
Hardback, 1st edn. SIGNED. Edited by J.H.H. Gaute. Foreword by Richard Whittington-Egan. 100 years of the world's most celebrated murder mystery. The book opens with a full account of what is known for certain: the squalid streets and the wretched lives that were the backgrOund to the killings, the identities of the victims and the last sightings of them, the times and locations of the murders, the nature of the mutilations, the letters purporting to come from the Ripper himself. The authors then give a complete account of the theories that began to appear even before the killings were over, and that have poured out ever since: the barrister, the mad doctors, the insane Royal Prince, the ritual murder theory the notion that the Ripper might be a woman. Illus., Appendices, Bibliog. and Index. 319pp. lge. 8vo. h/back. F. in Vg+ dw. with tipped-in labels SIGNED BY ROBIN ODELL and RICHARD WHITTINGTON-EGAN. A fairly heavy book which may require additional postage if shipped overseas.

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