THE COMPLETE JACK THE RIPPER Fully Revised and Updated.

Author: Rumbelow (Donald)
Year: 2004
Publisher: Penguin
Edition Details: Fully Revised and Updated (1st pub 1975)
Book Condition: F.
ISBN: 9780140173956
Price: 10.00
Paperback, Fully Revised and Updated. PRESENTATION COPY SIGNED. The updated and revised edition of the classic, fully comprehensive examination of the facts, theories and fictions surrounding Jack the Ripper. When first published the author exploded a number of notions that had seemed to be attractive, and in particular the alleged Masonic conspiracy involving 'the highest in the land' was demolished once and for all. In examining the facts, the mythology cannot be ignored, and the book contains fascinating insights into the portrayal of the Ripper on stage and screen and on the printed page. Also includes 20th century imitators : Jack the Stripper- the Thames Nude Killer of the 1960s and Peter Kurten, the notorious Dusseldorf Ripper. Profusely Illus, Bibliog. and Index. 367pp. trade size softcover. From the library of true crime writer, John Bennett. PRESENTATION COPY INSCRIBED AND SIGNED BY THE AUTHOR to John. F. with no creasing to covers.

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