CHASING BLACK GOLD The Incredible True Story of a Fuel Smuggler in Africa

Author: Stone (Robert)
Year: 2016
Publisher: The History Press
Edition Details: Reprint (1yr after 1st)
Book Condition: NrF.
ISBN: 9780752446455
Price: £10.00
Softcover. Reprint. SIGNED. For two decades the author made his living on the high seas. A modern-day pirate, he was a pioneer saturation oil-field diver, treasure hunter and smuggler, which brought him more money than he knew how to spend. He spent the last 10 of his smuggling years in Africa, where he traded in illicit fuel. The murky waters of the Niger delta were his place of business as he operated in the most corrupt regime in the world, a place ruled by money and guns. Protected by the military he sold his black cargo to legitimate businesses all over the world, making millions of dollars in the process. This is a tale straight out of Hollywood, one which throws the reader into a world where suitcases full of millions in cash are flown around the globe on private jets, where the corrupt practices of Third World governments and military regimes must be mastered and a world of numbered bank accounts and countries of convenience, where living under false IDs and money laundering are all in a day’s work. With Postscript. 316pp. softcover. FLAT SIGNED BY THE AUTHOR. Nr. F.

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